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The Canada Push Pin Map is perfect for plotting your adventures across our beautiful and vast country! Journal as an individual, couple or as a family! You can depict where you or your partner have been, where you'd like to go, or where you have been together.


Share your Story and invite conversation into any room.


Each map comes with a set of 10 Wood Pins and a Home Pin to depict where your Home is.


Additional flag pin and charm sets can be purchased along with your order, simply add them to your order under our 'FLAG PINS' category on our “TRAVEL MAPS” page.


Framed maps are made of 1/4" cork, laser rastered imagery, and wrapped up in a 10"x 8" frame. There is a kickstand and wall hangar for placement on shelves or the wall.


A portion of every map sales goes to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


#shareyourstory #wanderlustcreatures

Canada Push Pin Map - 8"x10"

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