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Pin your travels like never before with Flag Push Pins of the entire world!

Each pin shows the national flag of the country you have been to in high definition color. Think of these pins as a passport for adventure. You get to pin the flag of the country, province, or state you have been to in your Wanderlust Creatures Push Pin Map!


The perfect way to track your adventures and add a pop of color to your beautiful travel journal.

You'll find flag pins of each nation, province flags of Canada, state flags of United States and state flags of Australia. Under each pin is a handy reference guide so you know you are placing the pin with the correct orientation.


219 National Flags (extra flags of sovereign + independent nations)

13 Canadian Provincial Flags

50 American State Flags + District of Columbia

9 Australian State Flags

Reference Guide under each pin to help with accurate orientation

National Flag Push Pins

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