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Wanderlust Creatures Family

Trevor, Atlas, Monique & Coheed (pictured left to right)

Wanderlust Creatures Founders


Wanderlust Creatures first began in 2016 when we could not find a pet tag on the market that could hold up to the rigorous adventures of our puppy Coheed. He would constantly break or lose his tags which was very concerning for his new parents. Trevor purchased a metal stamping kit and the next thing we knew we were making tags for our friends and opening an Etsy Shop. We really enjoyed having a creative outlet that let us spoil our dog and helped protect pets out there. We dabbled in a few other hobbies and wanted a creative way to showcase our Travelling adventures - particularly our adventures with our new pup. We painted a map on a piece of plywood and stuck some pins and handmade flags into our creation so we could reminisce about the travels we had and plan our future adventures together. These two creative moments were the foundation of Wanderlust Creatures as we know it today and provided us with a platform to share our handmade creations with the world and give back to Animals in Need globally. 


Wanderlust Creatures strongly values a good story and leaving a positive footprint on the world we travel. We are extremely happy to provide a platform for our supporters to reminisce, create their bucket list and share their story through our PUSH PIN TRAVEL MAPS and accessories. The quality of our handmade TRAVEL MAPS is second only to our desire for excellent customer service. We are a small business that specializes in the business of storytelling. After all, what good is travelling if we don’t create stories that change our lives?


All of our products are handmade in the Canadian Rockies and in Porter's Lake, Nova Scotia. We are blessed to have such a magnificent backyard to explore, and explore it we do!

Our PUSH PIN TRAVEL MAPS were inspired by our own adventures. We are visual communicators and we wanted a way to creatively journal our travels. We decided to use maps and pins to track where we have visited independently, together and also our "bucket list destinations". No matter where you go, your heart is always home with the people you love. This was the beginning of our 'home is where the heart is' based TRAVEL MAPS

Not all those who wander are lost ... but if your pet does get the travel bug, they'll be safely returned to you with our premium HANDMADE PET TAGS. We design and hand stamp each tag custom to order and we offer a warranty on our products which outlast their machine-made counterparts.  Wanderlust Creatures is inspired by the adventures you can have with your pets and can help ensure their safety in the case that they may be separated from you.


We believe that a hand stamped pet tag is the simplest and most economical way to ensure your wandering friend finds their way home to you. Just as we carry a passport to identify ourselves, our pets deserve the same safeguard.


Living by the ocean, vast mountain ranges, lakes, hiking paths and the little valley towns provide those with a wandering and travelling heart a great platform for adventure. Nowhere will you find more uniquely energetic people with a proud sense of handmade goods and treasured cultures then here in the Canada. This is the inspiration behind our company.