N I C E   T O  M E E T  Y O U

Wanderlust Creatures strongly values a good story and leaving a positive footprint on the world we travel. We are extremely happy to provide a platform for people to share their stories through our TRAVEL MAPS and accessories. The quality of our handmade TRAVEL MAPS is second only to our desire for excellent customer service. We are a handmade local company that specializes in the business of storytelling. After all, what good is travelling if we don’t create stories that change our lives.


All of our products are handmade in the Canadian Rockies and in Porter's Lake, Nova Scotia. We are blessed to have such a magnificent backyard to explore, and explore it we do!

Our TRAVEL MAPS were inspired by our own adventures. We are very visual communicators and we wanted a way to creatively journal our travels. We decided to use maps and pins to track where we have visited independently, together and also our "bucket list destinations". No matter where you go, your heart is always home with the people you love. This was the beginning of our Home is Where the Heart is Travel Maps.

Not all those who wander are lost ... but if your pet does get the travel bug, they'll be safely returned to you with our premium HANDMADE PET TAGS. We design and hand stamp each tag custom to order and we offer a warranty on our products which outlast their machine-made counterparts.  Wanderlust Creatures is inspired by the adventures you can have with your pets and can help ensure their safety in the case that they may be separated from you.


We believe that a hand stamped pet tag is the simplest and most economical way to ensure your wandering friend finds their way home to you. Just as we carry a passport to identify ourselves, our pets deserve the same safeguard.


Living by the ocean, vast mountain ranges, lakes, hiking paths and the little valley towns provide those with a wandering and travelling heart a great platform for adventure. Nowhere will you find more uniquely energetic people with a proud sense of handmade goods and treasured cultures then here in the Canada. This is the inspiration behind our company.








O U R   T E A M
ceo founder

I'm a Halifax native and surfboard designer, with a background in architecture. I am an avid surfer and ocean lover who moved to Alberta to pursue my architectural career.


Since the move to the the Rockies, I've had to exchange the surfboard for a snowboard but I still enjoy longboarding and running. I represented my university, Nova Scotia, and Canada internationally as a track and field athlete. 


My architectural knowledge, experiences as an athlete, as well as my philanthropy within the community, have provided me with an excellent background in design, the practical aspects of organization, teamwork, responsibility and development of professional rapport.



ceo founder

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I have been fortunate enough to experience big city life (with a small town vibe) and grow an appreciation for outdoor adventure.

Calgary, being nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, boasts glorious mountain views, extensive hiking and cycling trails along the mighty Bow River, and a budding music community that I am proud

to call my own. 


Being the drummer for a number of various bands has allowed me the opportunity to meet and become friends with some of the most inspirational artists I could ever

have imagined. 


The onset of the social media boom has been something that I have been keenly interested in throughout the development of myself as a musician. I bring to the company a strong sense for social media branding, customer interaction, and the utmost pride in my quality of work.



Coheed aka "Co" is a German Shepherd/Husky mix with kindness in his heart and a lust for adventure in his soul.


Coheed was born on Boxing Day in 2014 and was the product of an accidental breed to his mother, a pure bred German Shepherd and his father, a German Shepherd/Huskey mix.  You'd never guess he was a Huskey except for his upward curving tail and baby blue eyes as a puppy (which later

turned to brown).


A lover of water and tall grass, Coheed will be the first to play with any dog. Just try to catch him!






Atlas is the newest member of our Wanderlust family. He is a bold little German Shepherd/Husky mix puppy with the sweetest face and the biggest paws we have ever seen.

He was born on October 24th 2017 and has been adjusting well with the help of his big brother Coheed. He loves playtime and never passes up the opportunity to chase a ball or have a game of tug of war.

Atlas enjoys playing in the snow and chewing on his big brother.





east coast ambassador

June is our first Wanderlust Creatures Ambassador. She is located in Porter's Lake

Nova Scotia and is heading up our East Coast initiative.

June is born in Newfoundland and has the bubbly personality and thoughtful care to show it. She has decades of sales experience and is a pro with new challenges. She loves to travel with her husband.






rocky mountain ambassador

Stephanie is our newest Ambassador and she is heading up our Rocky Mountain Initiative. 

Stephanie was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and has the sense of adventure and love of nature to prove it. When she's not helping people heal their hearts in the hospital she can be found climbing, adventuring, or spending time with her fur baby and little explorer Lu. 







Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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