P U S H   P I N   T R A V E L   M A P S

Wanderlust Creatures provides a canvas from which to tell your story. Like you, we enjoy sharing our adventures and leaving a positive footprint

on the world we travel.


Your wanderlust is as unique as you are. Use our upcycled flag pins to track your travels or bucket list destinations and pin a heart charm on your special place. 

Your journeys are apart of what makes you an individual. Express yourself and share your story with our Push Pin Travel Maps and accessories. 

Beautiful pieces of home and office décor that invoke conversation into any room. Pin your travels or the places you would like to visit with the flag pins onto our handmade maps. Place the heart charm onto whatever wonderful place it is that you call home. Every map comes with a set of flag pins and a heart charm.


Your purchase helps support the
World Wildlife Fund.

The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by close to five million members globally.

Please visit their site for more info or click the link to make a donation today.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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