Wanderlust Creatures ensures 100% customer satisfaction guarantee through our 12 month warranty; commencing on day of shipment and terminating

12 months therein after. Depending on the circumstance we may request additional information and/or a photo for proof of damage. We want you to be completely assured that our priority is always to give you the best service and product possible.

Please see FAQ at bottom of page

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, we will send you a new one. This replacement will be an exact duplicate, that is;  the pet's name, phone number(s), tag, charm(s) and any addtional

custom work. Please send your questions or concerns to:

info@wanderlustcreatures.com or refer to our Connect Page.


Your order will ship or will be ready for pick up in 5 - 10 business days excluding holidays and weekends.  

In special circumstances you will be notified if your parcel will take longer.


If requested we can send you a preview image of your tag(s) prior to shipping - please note the tag will not be shipped until you have approved the preview - by responding to our email. If you are requesting this service please note this in the "Message to Seller" comments by typing "Preview Requested" in the checkout and provide an email that we can send your preview image to. Colours may be slighty different because of lighting and shadows.

In the circumstance you do not approve the preview of the tag we will advise you of an alternate shipping date. 

We are not able to cancel or alter an order if we do not receive your request before shipping has been confirmed.

We are not responsible if you provide us with incorrect information for your order. Contact us immediately if you notice any mistakes or errors in your order.


All orders over $100 from our website may require signature from receiver (you) upon delivery to avoid theft and dispute of delivery.


Packages signed for, or confirmed as delivered, will be considered delivered and not the responsibility of Wanderlust Creatures. 


Wanderlust Creatures cannot guarantee delivery time for your package as it is delivered by a third party.

Tags are hand-stamped and hand-made individually, therefore they may vary from the product photo.


We prefer using pieces with character, the metal may have 

very light blemishes.


Cancellations may be made within a 24 hour time frame from

point of purchase.


Exchanges will only be made in the case of faulty product (during 12 month warranty for pet tags) or damage caused during shipping. You have 12 months

from time of shipment to make a claim.

Simply email us or refer to our Customer Service section.


Refunds will only be issued in extreme cases, we will make every effort to rectify any issues you may have with our product. We would prefer you to be happy with our product than lose you as a customer.

In the case of a refund a customer is responsible for returning the product to our Head Office location in Calgary Alberta. The expense of the shipping is the responsibility of the customer and the product must arrive undamaged to Wanderlust Creatures. The customer is responsible for shipping the parcel with a signature and with insurance to match the value of the product. Once the item is received undamaged Wanderlust Creatures will issue a refund to the account of purchase. This refund will take 5-10 business days to process.


Your piece of mind is important to us.


All personal information given to Wanderlust Creatures will remain private to the company and will be used for the sole purpose of product peronalization and contact between you (the customer) and Wanderlust Creatures regarding your order. 


You may wish to add your email to the mailing list to receive Blog entries and sales/promotions. See '10% Off Your Entire Order' box at the top of this page.


QUESTIONS? Email us: info@wanderlustcreatures.com

or submit a question on our 'Connect' page.


My tag broke in shipment, will you replace all or part of it? 


Yes, we will replace all broken parts, however, we cannot guarantee all charms are in stock from our provider.

We will discuss any issues with you via email. 

My charm broke/fell off and is missing or unfixable, what can I do?

Email us, we will review your claim and may replace broken charms for up to 6 months. however, we cannot guarantee all charms are in stock from our provider. We will discuss any issues with you.

My tag has become blemished and illegible.

The legibility of your tags information is of utmost importance to the safe return of your pet. We will send you a new tag if within our 6 month warranty window. 

My dog/pet plays in the water, are your tags waterproof?

Our pet tags are made from an assortment of different metals, therefore they are not waterproof. Although we add a protective acryllic coating to our tags, this wears off after time and use. Be sure to hand dry tags after exposure to water. We will replace your tag if it becomes illegible.

How are your tags made?

We hand-stamp our tags as per individual order, we then fill the letter and number characters with an enamel paint. After drying process has completed we emboss tags (if option selected) and spray with a protective acrylic. Your charm is added to your tag and packaged for shipping. This whole process takes 1-2 days to allow ample drying time. 

Are Acrylics and Enamel paint dangerous to my pet??

In its dry form, Enamel and Acrylic paint are harmless to your pet.

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