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Upgrade your Gift Bundle to a larger size, the Geo Optic version, and add Flag Pins.


Use the Discount Code found in your Gift Box for 20% off upgrades!

Size Upgrade:
Small - Medium = $90

Medium - Large = $70

Small - Large = $170


Style Upgrade:
Upgrade your 24x14 map to Geo Optic - C$60

Upgrade your 36x20 map to Geo Optic - C$70

Upgrade your 44x24 map to Geo Optic - C$80


Add Flag Pins:
National Flag Pins of the entire world - 219 National Flags (extra flags of sovereign + independent nations), 13 Canadian Provincial Flags, 50 American State Flags + District of Columbia, 9 Australian State Flags. Reference Guide under each pin to help with accurate orientation.

Gift Bundle Upgrades

PriceFrom C$49.99
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