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Have you seen our Ambassador Program? We offer discounts on our products as well as commission on any sale made through your friends, family and followers on social media.

Opportunity available to Influencers that meet the criteria.

-get featured-

-ExClusive deals-

-earn rewards-


We are looking for travel and pet influencers to become

ambassadors and partners of our brand.

Ideal candidates will take exceptional lifestyle photos and have high engagement rates on their social feeds. We like to see profiles with +10K followers but exceptions will be made for high quality photos, great engagement, and/or unique feeds.


How do I become a WLC Ambassador?

Submit your info in the form below. When the form has been submitted, you will be redirected to the Affiliate software for registration. A WLC team member will review your application and contact you if you have been selected as a partner.


Add your personalized affiliate link to your social pages and create engaging posts/stories of you interacting with our products to receive 15% of every sale made from your followers.

We believe in the power of collaboration and we value sharing our stories with friends & family. Join us in helping people share theirs. 

email: info@wanderlustcreatures.com

*Ambassador Program subject to approval

*You will be contacted ONLY if selected


After submitting you will be directed to our

Affiliate Marketing software.

This next step is critical to being accepted.

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