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Stainless Steel Handstamped Pet Tags made for PETS THAT SEEK ADVENTURE. They are VERY STURDY for ruff play. MODERATE SOUND with the charm and handstamped for LONG LASTING WEAR.


God of mischief and a cunning trickster in Norse mythology, this tag pays tribute to the Viking spirit in you. It is well known that Norse ships were symbols of power and prowess, instilling fear into the eyes and hearts of any main-lander who saw a fleet approaching from the sea. Of course now a days, it just looks really cool on your pet! 


1 Year Warranty


Purchase a Yearly Subscription and we'll ship you a replacement tag every year to keep your Pet ID Tag in tip top condition. Note that these will be shipped out yearly and you are responsible for providing us with updated shipping address and phone number should you move.


Your pet's name and contact info will be hand stamped into the tag and filled with black enamel for easy legibility.


Step 1: Choose tag type 


Step 2: Add second phone number (add $5 for this option)


Step 3: Upgrade to durable locking S-biner (add $6 for this option)


Step 4: Add a note stating Pet's Name and Phone Number

EXAMPLE:Coheed - 403-629-8331


Products are hand-stamped and handmade individually, therefore they may vary slightly from the photo.


All prices are in CAD



TAG 1: Circle - Stainless Steel, 30mm
TAG 2: Military Dog Tag - Stainless Steel, 40mm x 25mm
TAG 3: Gold Circle - Stainless Steel, 30mm
TAG 4: Gold Military Dog Tag - Stainless Steel, 40mm x 25mm

Loki's Ship

PriceFrom C$25.49