Travel Journals - An Old Trend Made New

October 10, 2017

Since the days of nomadic peoples, story telling of our travels has been an integral part of community spirit. Whole communities used to sit around the campfire to regale their adventures with enthusiasm to an awestruck audience of family members, neighbors, and fellow travelers. Stories of our travels have always sparked a keen sense of wonderment and adventure. To see new landscapes, architecture, and the unique way in which people live their lives differently all across the globe continues to spark Wanderlust in people more than it ever has!

While the idea of tracking your adventures through a journal is no new concept (it can be found on cave walls dating back tens of thousands of years), people find it a great way to remind themselves and share with others the excitement of traveling. 

With the growth of the internet and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few; pictures and stories of world travels have exploded that very sense of Wanderlust in Millennials. While sharing stories online is always a great way to spread word of your expeditions, there is just something about pinning that country you've been to or bucket list adventure on a map that is so appealing! 


There are about a million posts on Pinterest with some amazing cork board pin maps, and I highly recommend you check them out! 

Some things I like to look for when thinking about purchasing a cork pin map start with of course, the overall look of the map. This piece is going to accent my home decor so it is imperative that it fits with in with the decorative theme of my house. Color, style, and size are the three most important factors in this. The next thing I look at is structural integrity and functionality. Does it come with wall mounts or picture frame stands so that I don't have to go to Home Depot to buy any additional pieces to make my map work. Does it look of sound structural design and will it hold up to the test of time. I'm spending good money on a piece of home decor and I don't want some crappy IKEA knock-off that doesn't like to move houses more than once (we've all been there). Another key factor I feel that a lot of map companies miss is the idea of providing flag pins (or any pins in general). I don't want to have to hunt down pins for an hour on Amazon, the right pins are surprisingly hard to find! 


Taking all of these things into consideration, there are some amazingly beautiful travel pin maps to be found online. Once placed in your home, they invoke conversation, story telling, and wonderment into any room, and can become an integral part of your home decor. They are interactive, customizable, and the perfect addition to any home for any would-be or well traveled soul. 



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