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Have customers who want to purchase a map but can't take it with them while traveling? Problem Solved!!


These unique Gift Bundle kits offer $292.29 Rev. / Sq Ft packed into a small shelf footprint. 


Gift Bundles are lightweight and easily packable in luggage for transportation back home.


Customers purchase a gift bundle at $269.99 Retail and offer the recipient a way to custom design their map online, from the comfort of their home. We take care of all customer communications and shipping once they submit their order on our website.


Retail Starter Kit Includes:

3 sellable Gift Bundles

1 Free Display Sample Gift Bundle to share with customers - open to see contents

1 Free Ship Me Home sign

1 Free Gift Bundle Planogram sign

Sample 36" x 20" Not included - can be purchased at Wholesale Pricing

Add a 36" x 20" Labelled Map at this link: 36"x20" Labelled Map

Each Gift Bundle Includes:

1 - 36x20 Medium Labelled Push Pin Map (once the order has been submitted)
Free Shipping - In Canada and USA

Passport Booklet

Redemption Code for the purchase value you assign + Instructions
20% Discount Code for upgrading size or add-ons for the recipient to use

Mystery color set of Flags
Island Expansion Pack 

Material Sample Board - See the color options in real life


Encourage customers to add a set of National Flag Pins to elevate the unboxing experience


Gift Cards can be redeemed online, by phone, or by email.
All redemption and contact information is found in the Gift Bundle.


WHOLESALE | Gift Card Bundle Starter Kit | 3 Units + Signage

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