Invite your Customers to journal their adventures across Canada!


You can journal as an individual, a couple or as a family. Share your Story and invite conversation into any room.


Each map comes with a set of 10 Flags, Pins and a Heart Charm to depict where your Home is. Choose your Flag Color. The handmade flag sets are a mixture of single and double pointed flags. *Refer to photos in product description.*


Additional flag pin and charm sets can be purchased along with your order, simply add them to your order under our 'FLAG SETS' category.


Framed maps are made of 1/4" cork and wrapped up in a 10"x 8" frame.


Choose the perfect combo that will look great in your home, camper, or office!


#shareyourstory #wanderlustcreatures

WHOLESALE Canada Pin Map - Rastered - SMALL