The Wooden Pet Tags from the Wilderness Collection are made for:

PETS THAT SEEK ADVENTURE. They are STURDY for ruff play. SILENT for quieter adventures and made of wood so best for NON CHEWERS.


The Rollo tag is a replica of a Viking Shield carried into battle by the infamous Rollo in the "Vikings" saga. Made from strong Oak Wood, this tag features a deep laser etched image of this incredible warrior's shield with your pet's name engraved on the front. Additional important information will be engraved onto the reverse side including: Phone Number, Microchipped, Allergies, City ID Number, Address, and Social Handle.

Your pup will look great and ready for conquest with this unique Wooden Rollo Pet ID Tag!


Every Pet Tag we make provides a donation to animals in need at the Calgary Humane Society and the Nova Scotia SPCA.


Built with durability as the cornerstone in every tag we make. 


1 Year Warranty


Purchase a Yearly Subscription and we'll ship you a replacement tag every year to keep your Pet ID Tag in tip top condition. Note that these will be shipped out yearly and you are responsible for providing us with updated shipping address and phone number should you move.


Your pet's name and contact info will be etched into the tag and filled with clear epoxy for extra durability.


Step 1: Add a note stating:

Pet's Name and Phone Number
Coheed - 403-458-2785


Step 2: Add additional information

Example: Microchipped, City ID Number, Allergies, Address, Social Handle (optional)

*Please note the more information you enter the smaller the font will be*


Step 3: Add Durable Locking "S" Ring (as pictured) for an upgraded look to your tag. If not selected we will use our standard large split ring that's included with every tag. Tags without the upgraded "S" ring are still covered by our warranty.


The standard font is Calibri (as seen). If you'd like to use a different font please email us to discuss your options.


All prices are in CAD


Round - Diameter 35mm (1.5")

Custom sizing is available, please leave a note if you would like a different size.

Font - Calibri

Custom font is available, please leave a note if you would like a different font.



1 - *Not a chew toy*

Watch out for pet teeth as our warranty does not cover chewing. We recommend removing and putting the tag away once safely home to avoid chewing damage. The epoxy is non toxic so it may "taste good".

2 - After adventuring wipe with a warm damp cloth to clean.

3 - Not intended for prolonged exposure to water.