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The LARCHES themed Flag Pin set ADD ON for your Traveler Map.


Inspired by the beautiful Banff larches in the Canadian Rockies, we have added golden yellow flags to our red and kraft flag sets for a limited time only (just like the real larches !).


What are Larches?

The Alpine Larch is a needle laden tree prevalent in the Canadian Rockies. During spring and summer, the larch tree looks green and lush like most pine species growing throughout Banff National Park. However, come Autumn, summer's unassuming larch begins its dazzling transformation, from verdant green to a mesmerizing burnished gold


The handmade flag sets are a mixture of single and double pointed flags. *Refer to photos in product description*


You receive 10 x Flags and Pins of each color - 30 x Flags and Pins Total:

10 x Golden Yellow

10 x Red

10 x Kraft

You can add an additional Heart Charm for $1 at checkout.

Add as many flags as you like to your order of our Traveler's Journey maps!

LARCHES | Map Pin Sets - Flags

PriceFrom C$7.99
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