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1 Pet Tag Display Board 

35 Prepaid Order Cards (proof of purchase and instructions on how to place an order through our website)

Your display board is refundable if returned to us undamaged - minus shipping fees


- We will ship you a display board with samples of our tags to be displayed in your store. Our retailers typically display them in high traffic areas such as front counter or next to their leashes/collars section. 

Please take a picture of our display board as it sits in your store and send it to us, we would love to share it through our social media streams.


2 - Along with the display, we will ship you (35) Pre-Paid Cards that you are to give every customer that purchases a tag. This card has a unique purchase code on it that identifies where the tag was sold. 


The instructions on the card will direct the customer to a landing page on our website (see below) where they pick the tag and charm style. They will then provide their name, contact information, shipping information, and information to be stamped into the tag (ie: pet's name, phone number). Once they have submitted their tag, they will receive a notification on our website that their order has been received. 


We do allow a pick-up option in-store which is popular - this is helpful for getting these customers back in your store once again. You will be notified if we are sending you a tag for a customer to pickup in-store. 


One Pre-Paid Card is to be used per purchase and the customer is solely responsible for lost cards/lost codes as these codes have a value of $25 plus tax. This is explained thoroughly on our website. Customers are responsible for entering their information carefully and accurately. Information entered incorrectly is the responsibility of the customer. Our policies are outlined on the "Prepaid" portion on our website and we have included the link below for your reference.


3 - Once an order is received, we will create their new custom pet tag and ship it out within 5-10 business days to the address they provide. 


4 - All tags retail for $25 + tax and we offer a 60/40 split with our retailers for all tags sold. At month's end, we will send you an invoice for all sales made within that month.

Hand Stamped Pet ID Tags - Display Board

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