All good things are wild and free! While we love to see our pets run wild, we always want them to come back. Luckily you won't have to worry about that with this sturdy pet tag. Your furry creature can run and jump, swim and play, and you'll take comfort in knowing that this rust resistant tag will always remain on it's collar, helping find it's way home to you if they should ever lose you. Heaven forbid.


This tag is perfect for adding additional information such as: Name, Phone Number, Pet ID, and Vaccination information


1 Year Warranty


Your pet's name and contact info will be hand stamped into the tag and filled with black enamel for easy legibility.


Step 1: Choose tag type


Step 2: Add a note stating:Pet's Name and Phone NumberEXAMPLE:Coheed - 403-629-8331


Products are hand-stamped and handmade individually, therefore they may vary slightly from the photo.


All prices are in CAD



TAG 1: Heart- Stainless Steel, 20mm x 28mm

TAG 2: Small Dog Tag - Stainless Steel, 32 mm x 20mm

TAG 3: Oval - Stainless Steel, 30mm x 17mm

TAG 4: Rectangle - Stainless Steel, 30mm x 20mm

TAG 5: Long Rectangle - Stainless Steel, 38mm x 15mm

TAG 6: Military Dog Tag - Stainless Steel, 40mm x 25mm

TAG 7: Circle - Stainless Steel, 30mm

TAG 8: Circle - Polished Brass, 25mm

TAG 9: Circle - Antiqued Brass, 33mm

Wild and Free

Tag Type
  • Products are hand-stamped and handmade individually, therefore they may vary from the photo.

    We prefer using pieces with character, the metal may have light blemishes.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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