“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

We love to hear about people making a positive impact in their community and we want to shed a spotlight on their act of kindness. Whether someone cleaned up the dog park, helped a neighbor with their pet, or returned a lost furbaby, their story deserves to be recognized! Nominate an individual or a group you know to be a Community Fur-iend. Every month we will pick a winner who will be featured on our pages and who will receive a unique gift from Wanderlust Creatures.


Acts of kindness can have a great impact on us and on others. Through these acts, we offer our help without expecting anything in return. The more kindness we give to others, the more kindness we will experience in our own lives. ❤ Frequently, the recipient of the selfless act of kindness will be inspired to commit similar acts for others, and our one simple act will send ripples of love across the world. 🌏❤ 


**Wanderlust Creatures will provide one (1) prize (hand-stamped item)

per person for a group size of four (4) people max.

The offer is valid for person(s) demonstrating outstanding service to

the pet or wildlife community.

If you have any questions please let us know.


The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is dedicated to providing professional veterinary treatment of injured and orphaned wildlife, valuable outreach and education services to the community and engaging all volunteers in motivational work and skill building experience for volunteers and valuable outreach and education services in the community. Calgary Wildlife is a registered charity and the only wildlife hospital within the City of Calgary. Calgary Wildlife supports positive wildlife outcomes for Calgarians and Calgary’s wildlife

For more information or to make a donation to CWS, visit their website:


Thank you CWRS and congratulations on being our September Community Fur-iend.  


The Calgary Animal Rescue Society is made up of volunteers, some of us volunteer as foster parents, participate in adoption events, work at fundraisers, and are members of our Board of Directors. They do their best to help animals in need find new fur-ever homes.

The primary goal of the CARS is to find loving forever homes for cats and dogs in need, working with rescues throughout Alberta and across Canada. We have also formed partnerships with rescues in other countries to bring over dogs that may not otherwise have been able to find permanent homes.

In addition to our rescue efforts, we occasionally will visit schools to educate, inform and answer questions to promote the importance of compassion. foster, adopt, volunteer. Together we can make a difference, and we do!


Rescue is hard work.  Often the days are long and the nights are even longer. We are very fortunate to have an amazing volunteer rescue team that work tirelessly and are available at a moments notice to help an animal in need. We are also a foster home based rescue, so our foster homes are critical and an important stepping stone in the rescue process. We can’t say enough good things about our fosters. They are there every time we need them.  It’s all about team work!

For more information or to make a donation to CARS, visit their website:


Thank you CARS and congratulations on being our August Community Fur-iend.  


The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is a grassroots animal welfare organization based in Calgary with a foundation of compassion and kindness, embodied by its hard-working staff, volunteers, foster homes and supporters. Their goal is to help homeless animals in the community and enacting societal change so that someday we may all witness a Compassionate World for All Animals.

About 3,500+ animals come through AARCS programs each year. Having a veterinary hospital on-site has given AARCS the ability to help the animals in most dire need of medical attention with onsite surgical suites and the ability to provide life-saving treatment immediately.

AARCS strives to ensure that animals receive the medical care they need, along with a chance to recover in a loving foster home. AARCS Safe Haven shelter and on-site veterinary hospital provides emergency medical care and new beginning for each rescued animal on their journey to forever, adoptive homes.

In addition to rescuing animals, AARCS provides numerous community support programs to improve animal welfare in Alberta. This includes facilitating a Pet Food Bank, Dog House Program, Spay/Neuter Assistance, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), Humane Education and Animal Disaster Response. By getting to the root causes of animal homelessness they truly help people and pets in their community.

The organization is supported by over 1,800 volunteers and foster-parents province-wide. It is a place where people can come together to volunteer and give back in an area that is important to them. AARCS and the people who make up this amazing organization are making a difference every day in the lives of homeless animals and there really is no greater feeling in the world than to save a life.

For more information or to make a donation to AARCS, visit their website:


Thank you AARCS and congratulations on being our July Community Fur-iend.  



Founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 2012 - Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society is a respected non profit that works across provincial and national borders to match each of their foster animals with the home that is perfect for them. Zoe's in-depth adoption process was developed with that in mind and has resulted in a less than 4% return rate. They have adopted out close to 3,000 animals and additionally offer supportive programs such as SNR (Spay Neuter Return), Helping Hand low cost veterinary care and Community Pet Food Sharing to provide support to low-income families and marginalized communities.

Kath Oltsher is a Co-Director at Zoe's Animal Rescue Society. She is described by volunteers as a "vibrant soul who would give anyone the shirt off her back. She has a heart as big as Mount Everest".


Kath gives her life to Zoe's and makes a huge difference in the lives of animals, people and communities. She advocates for change and does not pass judgement. Kath is part of a movement to spay and neuter as many animals as possible in our community and help low income families access vet care. She is working to help the feral cat community that exists in Edmonton and find solutions to the problem no matter the obstacles she faces. 


Kath is a big educator of force free training and strives to have everyone learn about what force free means.


Anyone who meets her remembers her smile and charismatic personality, you feel enveloped in love when you are around her. She is a special human and Zoe's volunteers say they are so blessed to have her.


Thank you Zoe's Animal Rescue Society and congratulations on being our June Community Fur-iend.  



Frieda Perry

25 years - that’s how long we have been lucky enough to have Frieda Perry supporting the Nova Scotia SPCA.

Frieda joined the Yarmouth SPCA Board of Directors back in 1993 and has served in all executive positions, including President. Since then, she has worked in the office when needed, organized volunteers and led hundreds of very successful fundraisers. 

Frieda was a part of the team who cared for a mother dog with 5 puppies who came into the shelter in 2010 with Parvo. She helped to put cleaning and caring procedures in place, which in turn made the Yarmouth SPCA the very first shelter in the province to save and eventually adopt out Parvo survivors! 

In 2011, Frieda co-founded Operation Cat SNIP to continue to help meet the needs of the community. When our SPCA Dyke Family Animal Clinic opened its doors this year, Frieda and Operation Cat SNIP generously donated their remaining assets of over $10,000 to perform low-income spay/neuter surgeries at the clinic. 

Frieda is a true difference-maker and SPCA Champion. She is hard-working, kind, and dedicated to help animals in need.  We are lucky to have Frieda in our SPCA family.

P.S. Here is Frieda with the first Parvo puppy adopted out by the Yarmouth SPCA.  Frieda reconnected with Faith, the doggo pictured, in the summer of 2014



Kylene Mellor

Passionate, kind, dependable and hard working. These are just a few of Kylene’s amazing qualities as a Nova Scotia SPCA volunteer.  She truly deserves a cape for her superhero-sized-support!

For more than a decade, Kylene has helped save thousands of animals in need.  She plays a key role in animal care, fostering, and transporting pets to receive the medical treatment they need.  Kylene is determined to help animals be safe, healthy and happy.  She even comes in on Christmas Day to spread holiday cheer and love to our shelter pets!

Not only is Kylene an invaluable part of the team, she has helped to create a kind and helpful working environment, always making others feel valued, special and important.  Kylene developed the successful Nova Scotia SPCA Volunteer Program.  With her strong leadership as the Volunteer Coordinator, the Nova Scotia SPCA was awarded the Coast’s “Best Place to Volunteer” for five years in a row.  

Kylene is always keen to offer a helping hand and is extremely giving of her time.  No matter what the task is, she is there with a smile on ready to go!  Kylene is a role model and a cheerleader for the Nova Scotia SPCA.  We’re so lucky to have her contagious enthusiasm and energy as a part of our team.  A million “thank-yous” and slobbery dog kisses would never be enough to thank Kylene for her generous support.


Thank you Frieda, Kylene and the NS SPCA! Congratulations on being our May Community Fur-iend.  


Rachael Rodgers is passionate about helping adoptable dogs find homes as loving and happy as her own fur-babies; Beans and Denali.


She uses her photography talents and donates her time, equipment, fuel, and vehicle to take adoptable dogs from various animal rescue organizations on day hikes, kayaks, ski trips and more. She then posts a photo and story of their day together on her Instagram feed in the hope that this might lead to a quick acquisition of a forever home for the pup. More often than not, a home is found quite quickly. One of her adoption posts on Instagram involves hours of driving, editing, copy-writing, organizing, story telling, posting, adventuring in the mountains, and replying to potential adopters. Rachael certainly goes above and beyond to help these amazing dogs find a happy forever home.


Rachael was inspired to get involved with shelters when she saw a photo on Instagram of a dog for adoption that looked bored and like someone had asked him to look at the camera for a mug shot. Surely this pup deserves a better go than that! She messaged the local rescue shelter, told them what she wanted to do, and they were excited to have the help. Every dog has an amazing and unique character that should have an opportunity to be shown in adoption photos – something that Rachael has been capturing with over 100 dogs so far.


For animals in shelters, social media exposure can be the golden ticket to the perfect home. Rachael realized that she can show the public these dogs in a way that would never have been seen by people who might have bought a dog from a breeder.


We applaud Rachael on her selfless efforts in helping shelter animals find their forever homes. To learn more about the incredible work that Rachael does and to see some amazing dogs available for adoption please visit her website and "trailsandbears" Instagram page.


Thank you Rachael and congratulations on being our April Community Fur-iend.  


Colleen founded National Puppy Day as a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. But more importantly, it's a day to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills.

Her work has made a great impact in addressing the vast problem of overcrowded rescue shelters as a result of over breeding and under educated purchasing of puppies. 

Founded in 2006, National Puppy Day has become an internationally recognized holiday that has seen publication on Animal Planet and ABC News among many others. We applaud Colleen on her continued efforts in reducing the amount of puppy mills and animals living in rescue shelters.


Thank you Colleen and congratulations on being our March Community Fur-iend.  


The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) is a charity organization that provide spay/neuter and vaccination services to animals in need in remote and under served communities. These communities have dogs and cats that create too many puppies and kittens for the owners to be able to care for. They cannot spay or neuter their pets due to either being so remote there are no services or have a financial inability to do so. It is a never ending cycle and CAAT works to stop that cycle and create pet population management programs. CAAT's volunteer veterinary teams (from all over Canada) travel to the location, no matter how remote, set up a MASH style hospital for several days and provide the services for free, where everyone can access it. They are making a difference!


Thank you CAAT and congratulations on being our February Community Fur-iends.  



During the winter months, the Auburn Bay Dog Park in Calgary Alberta Canada has become riddled with copious amounts of 💩 left behind by owners. Caroline took it upon herself to bring her family into the park and be the change that the park needed. With the help of her two children, Caroline pulled a wagon filled with bags and gloves and shoveled large amounts 💩 to assist in the cleanup along the way. Her daughter entertained the fur babies, Penny and Phoebe while Caroline and her son cleaned up the park along the walk. She brought extra gear for helpers and encouraged park goers to join her. Caroline has inspired community members to help cleanup the park. She says "I used to pick up 💩 a lot at the park but I have terrible circulation in my hands. I find the cold hurts too much. It was such a beautiful day today, I was finally able to again. It sounds really weird, but I feel much better knowing I've done something to make our park a better place... I'm a mom.... picking up 💩 doesn't phase me haha."


Thank you Caroline and congratulations on being our FIRST EVER Community Fur-iend. 

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